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Out of all the countless insects and other pests that disturb homeowners everywhere, few are more dangerous than the termite. Only termites can single-handedly ruin and destroy a house’s very foundation and character in just a few short years. To get rid of termites, you’ll need to track down the infestation and use extermination techniques like cardboard traps, beneficial nematodes, heat, and cold to attack the infestation. Understand that professional help is often required for moderate to severe termite problems. Your home is likely the largest investment you’ve ever made and the most important, so it’s necessary to rid your house of termites immediately if they have already invaded your property. Ecoforpest will help keep your home in order to stay solid without any termite attack. Ecoforpest Termite Control or Anti Rayap Bali recommends each customer to use the feed system. In Australia this method is highly recommended because this method is very effective at killing termites to colonies. Without damaging the foundation and contaminating the soil, the feeding system method is an alternative to keeping your home from damage caused by termite attack and also safe for the environment.

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Classification Of Termites

By 2013, about 3,106 species of termites have been found, the species are grouped into 5 families. The following list is organized in a phylogenetic order:

  • Cratomastotermitidae Engel, Grimaldi, & Krishna, 2009 (1 species from the beginning of the Cretaceous period)

Clade Euisoptera Engel, Grimaldi, & Krishna, 2009

  • Mastotermitidae Desneux (1 living species, Mastotermes darwiniensis, find many fossils)
  • Hodotermitidae Desneux, 1904 (3 genera)
  • Termopsidae (1 genus extinct)
  • Archotermopsidae Engel, Grimaldi, & Krishna, 2009 (3 genera)
  • Stolotermitidae Holmgren, 1910
  • Porotermitinae Emerson, 1942
  • Stolotermitinae Holmgren, 1910

Clade Icoisoptera Engel, 2013

  • Kalotermitidae Froggatt (22 genera, 419 species)

Clade Neoisoptera Engel, Grimaldi, & Krishna, 2009

  • Arcehorhinotermitidae Krishna & Grimaldi, 2003
  • Stylotermitidae Holmgren, K & N, 1917
  • Rhinotermitidae (14 genera, 343 species)
  • Coptotermitinae Holmgren
  • Heterotermitinae Froggatt
  • Prorhinoterminae Quennedey & Deligne, 1975
  • Psammotermitinae Holmgren
  • Rhinotermitinae Froggatt
  • Termitogetoninae Holmgren
  • Serritermitidae (2 genera and 2 species)
  • Termitidae (236 genera, 1958 species)
  • Apicotermitinae Grassé & Noirot, 1954 (42 genera, 208 species)
  • Foraminitermitinae Holmgren, 1912 (2 genera, 9 species)
  • Macrotermitinae Kemner, 1934 (13 genera, 362 species)
  • Nasutitermitinae Hare, 1937 (80 genera, 576 species)
  • Sphaerotermitinae Engel & Krishna, 2004 (1 species)
  • Syntermitinae Engel & Krishna, 2004 (13 genera, 99 species)
  • Cubitermitinae
  • Termitinae Latreille, 1802 (90 genera, 760 species)

This classification is the most up to date termite address by Engel & Krishna (2004), Engel et al. (2009), and Krishna et al. (2013).

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